Friday, 4 October 2013

Rusty Leaves & Woodland Owls

You can't ignore mother nature's gentle reminders that it is now Autumn. The scorching heat of the summer has come to an end and we have been revived with cooler evenings. Morning walks require a little extra preparation, replacing flip flops for the sensible footwear more suited to damp woodland soil, and little muddy paws must be hosed down before entering the home.

This is the time us crafters can start to think about 'warmer' projects and prepare for the upcoming holidays.
For knitters and crochet enthusiasts, like myself, the thicker Arans and Chunkies are coming out of their hibernating spaces in the cupboards, making room for the cool summer cottons to lay dormant for a while.
[Pictured below, from left to right: King Cole 'Shine DK' Shade "Earthy", Lanas Stop 'Algodon Soft' Shade "345", James C. Brett 'Marble Chunky' Shade "MC7" and James C. Brett 'Rustic Mega Chunky' Shade "CS4" all available in my local craft store ]

 With this annual introduction to scattered showers, the tones and hues of the outdoors begin to change. The previously dry, sun-bleached land has turned a rich, earthy brown and the grey clouds and ocean currents give the sea a deeper shade of teal. Seasonal fruits and vegetables appear... terracotta pumpkins and the natural tones of parsnips and mushrooms. I cannot help but be inspired by this natural change in colour (I soon notice the laundry piles are organized into ambers, reds & browns, rather than the summery whites and yellows!).

Now, I don't know if it is just me, or if our feathery nocturnal friends really are making themselves known more at this time of year, but a neighbour of mine is being particularly vocal at the moment. He is an elusive, yet rather noisy owl. Ever since I was a child, I have felt a distinct fondness for owls. Due to my wild imagination, I would often dream about flying under the stars and above the trees and fields of the village I grew up in, with such a creature.

Another nocturnal racket-maker is his furry, four-legged and bushy-tailed cousin, the fox. His calls are an unmistakeable 'scream', which can be somewhat eerie when heard on an otherwise silent, dark night. I'm not sure if it is due to this seasonal song of theirs, but I always associate Autumn with owls and foxes, as well as pine trees, rusty tones of falling leaves, and pumpkins.

I'd like to introduce you to my friends above; 'Friendly Floppy Fox' & 'Rusty the Owl'.
Rusty the Owl was adapted from the 'Woodland Owl Pillow' free crochet pattern by Michele Wilcox, click here for the link.
Here is my Friendly Floppy Fox Free Crochet Pattern!:

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October 4th 2013
"Rusty Leaves & Woodland Owls"
  • 'Woodland Owl Pillow' by Michele Wilcox [Used for my adaptation, 'Rusty the Owl'] - Crochet
  • 'Friendly Floppy Fox' by Lorraine Pugh - Crochet